Explore 01, New York. Spring 2022

Our exhibition is part of the CSR programme for Kroll, and Explore 01 is launching in the brand new Headquarters for Kroll in New York. - We also exhibit with Kroll at the Shard and News Buildings in London and will be in Paris this spring.. This is a unique opportunity to engage with a corporate audience and art lovers through a carefully curated, professional exhibition. This is not just about filling office space with art, the continued story and conversation this partnership is generating as we grow globally is one to be celebrated. Formal PV Autumn 2022 - details tbc

The Faux Pas. My painting to be exhibited in Explore 01 at Kroll's offices in New York from April 2022.

BERLIN IN COLOUR Solo exhibition, Beans love Greens, Shoreditch.

A USEUM exhibition, Central London.

An ArtCan exhibition, Hampstead Garden Gallery, north London.

2nd Solo Show in Beans love Greens, Shoreditch.

Group show, Bermondsey.

Group Show, ArtCatcher collective, Mile End.

An ArtCan exhibition, East London.

ArtCan exhibition, East London.

Stories 01

An ArtCan group show hosted by Kroll, at The News Building, London Bridge. 

STORIES 01 An ArtCan exhibition hosted by Kroll at The News Building, London Bridge.

Emilio's Coffee

From July to December 2021 I exhibited my paintings in Emilio's Coffee upstairs in Good & Green on Tunbridge Wells High street. 


Transient and Prelude

Thanks to ArtCan, it was possible to collaborate with other artists during the covid-19 lockdown, with ArtCan's virtual exhibitions. 


I am excited to be part of ArtCan's first virtual reality exhibition, june 2020. To view the full show copy the link underneath: https://www.artcan.org.uk/whats-on-2/transient/ ⠀